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Purchase or Sponsor a Nature Experience Training

We get more people into Nature and the Outdoors to begin a lifelong passion or to take care of those that take care of us or to train our next generation stewards. Join us for an Experience! All are welcome and guaranteed a great time!

Individuals, Groups and Families Welcome!


Sponsor for One of these Key groups
(our relationships or yours)
Up to 2-hour sessions and 15 participants

•  Nurses and Healthcare workers    

•  School teachers

•  Student leader groups    

•  Community organization program leaders

Or others!




Learn the fundamentals of fishing our Mid-Atlantic region’s diverse waters – ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes.  Learn about the equipment to use and purchase for each of these environments.  For the experienced anglers, we’ll teach you some new things and learn from some of the professional anglers in the region on our training team!



Learn to bird for the first time!  How to get started with just a pair of binoculars.  Learn what type of birds are in your area and determining what type of birds you want to explore – songbirds, raptors / predator birds such as eagles, hawks, falcons, ospreys and more.  Learn how to attract songbirds to your location and more!


Sustainable Agriculture

Learn how to establish your own organic indoor and /or outdoor garden at your location (home or office)!  Start with just one plant or many.  Learn about planting herbs, vegetables, flowers, plants.  Learn about the best plants for indoor air quality both for home and office.


Wildlife Habitat Projects

Build your own wildlife habitat at your location (home or office) – setting up bird box “habitat homes,” establish bird feeding areas and more.  Learn about the wildlife habitat projects taking place in your region from our experts throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and where you can volunteer.

Bird House

Support a Training Sponsorship at $125 or more here in the Mid-Atlantic region (PA-DE-MD-NJ-NY)
for those taking care of us and training our young leaders!

PURCHASING? Contact to set it up!

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